08 December 2010

Ascilite 2010 – Sydney

It is the last day of the Ascilite conference and I find myself in the presentation that motivates me.

Ponderers, Sloggers, Slackers and More: Understanding the profiles – Mark McMahon

Mark offers some blogger profiles:

  • the Slogger Blogger – demonstrating volitional control; 

  • the Worker Blogger – demonstrating cognitive strategy formation and application; 

  • the Eager Blogger – demonstrating motivation; 

  • the Ponderer Blogger – demonstrating the reflection inherent in self-monitoring 

  • the Bragger Blogger – demonstrating high self-concept; and 

  • the Uber Blogger – demonstrating a high level of metacognition.

  • I found his presentation informative, animated and motivating.

    Moodlemoot NZ 2011 new dates

    Due to a date clash with Moodlemoot Australia 2011, we have changed Moodlemoot New Zealand 2011.

    Here are the udpated details:

  • Moodlemoot New Zealand 2011 is organised by HRDNZ (Moodle Partner)

  • The venue is Unitec Institute of Technology in Auckland

  • The dates are Tuesday 26th-Thursday 28th of July, 2011

  • We expect it will be the largest NZ Moot ever! Looking forward to seeing you there.