21 July 2011

Moodle logoWith only a few days until Moodlemoot 2011 I thought I would write a bit about what to expect (in addition to a good time).

Guest International Keynote Speakers:
  • Martin Dougiamas - a man who needs no introduction in the Moodle community; Martin will be presenting remotely on "Where 2.0 now?"
  • Gavin Henrick of Remote-Learner in Canada and Enovation Solutions in Ireland - Gavin will be sharing his experiences with us in his keynote "Moodle from multiple perspectives"
There will be a great range of presentations throughout the conference, including technical sessions like Dan Marsden's talk on "Crot and Turnitin: plagiarism detection tools" and school sessions like "Moodle and Teaching as Inquiry" with Mark Osborne.
Perhaps the best bit on the programme - "Open Space" - time for 'user generated' discussion - it's led by you! and the conversation can go anywhere.

As usual, we will have workshops running the day before the two day conference.
  • Mobile Moodle workshop with Thom Cochrane and Vickel Narayan
  • Beginning Moodle Administration with Teresa Gibbison
  • Moodle foundation - essentials for newer users with Miriam Laidlaw
  • Using Moodle in NZ schools with Anton Coltham and Jacqui Land
The conference dinner, a not to be missed experience, will be held at "The Floating Pavilion" at the Viaduct.

If you haven't already registered this is really the last chance, so go to the online registration form here now. I look forward to seeing you there!

04 July 2011


It's time to register for Barcamp.

The fifth annual Barcamp Auckland unconference will be held on the 16th July at Botany Downs Secondary College.

What you need to know:

Define "Barcamp": Sort of like a conference, but not. AKA "unconference" because instead of having a schedule of presentations set by the organisers, at a Barcamp the attendees organise the schedule and it's generally more discussion the presentation. Basically, at a barcamp everyone should be participating in the conversation.

You can submit talk topics under the broad categories of - "HTML5", Native OS eg. iOS, Android, WP7, Mac, Windows, Design/UI, Productivity/Getting Things Done, or miscellaneous. 

The guy behind the Auckland Barcamp is Ludwig Wendzich.

Who goes? You will find developers, hackers, sys admins, makers, teachers, technologists, users, all sorts.

The awesome sponsors who make these possible: 
  • InternetNZ, platinum sponsor
  • Shift and Microsoft, gold sponsors
  • Webstock, Pixelfusion and Valentine Addis, silver sponsors
What is different about Barcamp Auckland this year?
There will be a panel discussing the future of NZ's internet (thinking NetHui anyone?) including
  • Clare Curran (Labour MP)
  • Gareth Hughes (Green MP)
  • Paul Brislen (TUANZ CEO)
  • Tim Mullins (IP Lawyer)
  • David Farrar (IT Political Commentator)
  • Vikram Kumar (InternetNZ)
  • Lance Wiggs (Moderator from InternetNZ)