24 January 2011

Second Life and SLoodle

I saw this post and thought I would share it for those interested:

Second Life and SLoodle (Moodle+Second Life) - AUCKLAND: "by MoodleBites Admin.

We are in the final stages of finalising a course for Second Life and SLoodle (which is the integration of Second Life and Moodle).

This will be in Auckland from Monday 28th February to Friday 4th March.

The course outline is attached.

Course fees will be $250 per day, or a discount of 20% for the five days.

The first two days are introduction and fundamentals of Second Life (perfect for new users).

The final two days are all about integrating Second Life and Moodle (through SLoodle) - this is for participants who are familiar with Second Life (or attend the first 3 days), and also familiar with the basics of Moodle.

Participants can attend a part of this course if required.

Please contact our helpdesk if you would like to reserve a place - helpdesk[AT]hrdnz.com