27 February 2012

Sending generic emails

I admit, I send generic emails to people when I feel the pressures of time, but I have to say that the email I received from the public library was a bit of a surprise...

We’ve noticed you haven’t used your library card for a while and wanted to remind you of some of the free services and materials we have:
  • Mills and Boon books – we have a lovely new collection of Mills and Boon romances at a branch near you wcl.govt.nz/millsandboon
Please visit our website (www.wcl.govt.nz) or drop in to any branch.
Questions or comments are welcome – let us know what you think about library services.
Please respond if you no longer wish to receive emails from us.

I couldn't help but reply and let them know that Mills and Boon is not appropriate for the younger visitors to the library. I know a number of children with both a library card and an email address likely in the library database that I wouldn't want to see turn up at the library asking for directions to the new Mills and Boon collection.